The L’vine wine portfolio offers you a range of distinctive finds from some of the most note-worthy producers out there. L’vine brings these hidden gems of the wine world to our Benelux clients and partners. Wines that convey style and identity – the result of an exquisite combination of grapes, perfect storage cellars and of course the phenomenal skill of the winemakers.

Our wines come from a wide range of countries and regions, representing the talent of some of the best winemakers in the world. A surprising and ever-changing range of distinctive wines to be appreciated by all tastes, made from native and internationally-renowned grape varieties. The kind of wines that deserve to wallow in over your taste buds and be explored.

L’vine is the exclusive importer in the Netherlands and Belgium of some popular brands that are building momentum. These include the alcoholic-free Barrels & Drums and THR3 monkeys that challenges the traditional, conservative wine industry by being unpretentious, simple and rebellious in every respect.

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