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L'vine Wine & Spirits | Spirits portfolio


The L’vine Spirits portfolio covers a small, yet surprising range of distinctive finds from producers from some of the finest outputs from across the world. Partnered with Spirit makers who are starting to make an impact in the global market,  the team at L’vine can make you the first to bring a bit of zing to your own market.

Our Spirits come from different countries, islands and regions, infused with some of the most exotic (natural) flavours slugged or savoured mixed, appreciated neat or on the rocks. The kind of spirits that deserve to wallow in over your taste buds and be explored.

L’vine is the exclusive importer in the Netherlands of some popular brands that are building momentum. This includes Briottet Crème Liqueurs. Still based in the shadows of the ancient cathedral in the heart of Dijon, yet primed as great mixers for cocktails and as delicious drinks on their own. Briottet products take a bold flavor stance with inspiring results.

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