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Rum Masterclass & Tasting June 21st – TOBACCO Theater Amsterdam

Sunday June 21st, L’vine Wine & Spirits Owner, Lizeila Martijn and Benoit Bail, Journalist RumPorter and Founder of La Confrérie du Rhum, will be holding a Rum Masterclass & Tasting at the TOBACCO Theater, located in the very centre and heart of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The perfect occasion for all HORECA professionals, the masterclass will kick off with a Rhum Damoiseau fresh start ti-punch and an introduction to the world of rum, sustainability and market trends. During the masterclass, you will be led on a tasting tour of the different style of rums we will be presenting that day, from the Islands of Guadeloupe Rhum Damoiseau, Martinique Rhum Saint James, and St. Lucia Elements Eight Rum.

Everything you need will be provided, so you don’t need to bring anything with you to the session. The masterclass session holds a maximum amount of people, so please register on time. After the masterclass follows a general tasting.

For more information, please contact L’vine Wine & Spirits.

Drinks International Brands Report 2015: Liqueurs

Drinks International (DI) conducted a research to take out the best selling liqueur brands. The results include responses from a total of 100 of the top bars in the world – as voted for by DI World’s 50 Best Bars Academy.

Drinks International asked bar owners and head bartenders from these 100 top bars to name the Best Selling and Top Trending brands behind their bars.

For more information about our methodology see here.

As part of a hugely diverse category of a multitude of flavours and uses, it’s natural that the best selling liqueurs differ from bar to bar.


European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy

29 April, Brussels – Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to present a new EU Alcohol Strategy to tackle health harm for 2016-2022.

The European Parliament Resolution calls for a new Strategy, emphasising the importance of better labeling of alcoholic drinks including ingredients and nutritional information with special focus on calories, and the need to raise awareness across the EU of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and drink driving.

For more information, please visit the Eurocare website.

The Gin & Tonic Guide

With so much on the market it’s good to have a guide. See if this helps you find the good balance.



Today marks the fifth Malbec World Day, as Wines of Argentina gears up for its biggest campaign to date to promote the country’s wines.



A selection of top Australian wines matured under both screwcap and cork led to “ground breaking” results during a blind tasting at this week’s Vinitaly.

“These wines have the potential to break down prejudices, as this tasting has demonstrated,” commented Stelzer. He also noted that overcoming the “misconception” that screwcaps are inferior formed part of a wider challenge for Australian of building a global following for its top wines.

Reacting to the result, Venice sommelier Annie Martin-Stefannato admitted: “we will have to change our mindset”. Meanwhile Panama wine expert Fabrizio Cezzi expressed his surprise at the outcome, saying: “I did not expect that they would age so well – even better than under cork, it really surprised me.”

~ source ~


The case, which has been running since 2003, was based on whether rights to use the brands were properly acquired by Russian billionaire businessman Yuri Shefler in 1997 after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

“The ruling is only for the Benelux market and so the decision affects a very small part of our overall global marketplace”, it said. “SPI Group still owns the Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya trademarks in over 190 countries across the world, but not in Russia. The Stolichnaya sold within Russia is a different vodka, owned by an unrelated state-controlled entity called FKP.

~ source ~


The UK drinks industry has welcomed a 2% cut to spirits duty announced in today’s 2015 Budget, following a campaign led by trade organisations.

The announcement follows the Drop the Duty campaign lead by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) and the Tax Payers’ Alliance.

The trade bodies argued that the UK’s “draconian” excise system means duty and VAT accounted for 80% of the price of a bottle of whisky.



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