Rum Masterclass & Tasting June 21st – TOBACCO Theater Amsterdam

Sunday June 21st, L’vine Wine & Spirits Owner, Lizeila Martijn and Benoit Bail, Journalist RumPorter and Founder of La Confrérie du Rhum, will be holding a Rum Masterclass & Tasting at the TOBACCO Theater, located in the very centre and heart of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The perfect occasion for all HORECA professionals, the masterclass will kick off with a Rhum Damoiseau fresh start ti-punch and an introduction to the world of rum, sustainability and market trends. During the masterclass, you will be led on a tasting tour of the different style of rums we will be presenting that day, from the Islands of Guadeloupe Rhum Damoiseau, Martinique Rhum Saint James, and St. Lucia Elements Eight Rum.

Everything you need will be provided, so you don’t need to bring anything with you to the session. The masterclass session holds a maximum amount of people, so please register on time. After the masterclass follows a general tasting.

For more information, please contact L’vine Wine & Spirits.

5 Tips to Responsible drinking during the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014

Enjoy Responsibly! Let the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 begin! 

Hmm, but how can I be a responsible drinker? 

TIP 1: Keep an eye on what you’re drinking. Remember that spirits often have high alcohol content. Make sure you leave enough time between shots to feel the effects of the first one before shooting the next one. Also, drink water between your drinks to help you keep hydrated.

TIP 2:Don’t drink and drive. This one kind of sells itself. If you have to drive anywhere, don’t drink more alcohol than is recommended if you’re driving. Alcohol is a depressant drug which slows down your reaction speed, which means if you need to think and act fast, you probably won’t be able to.

TIP 3: If you’re going out for a big night, work out amongst your group of friends who’s going to be the one that drives home. In The Netherlands we call this amigo “BOB”. To be or not to be BOB. If no one wants to be the “BOB” that night, make sure you bring enough money for a taxi.

TIP 4: Avoid mixing alcohol and other drugs. The impact of mixing alcohol and other drugs (whether medication or recreational) is pretty serious. You cannot anticipate the effect it will have on your behavior and your body’s reaction.

TIP5: The basic thing to remember around responsible drinking is common sense.

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