Nederland | Verhoging verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken

Verhoging verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken

De verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken wordt verhoogd. De tarieven voor vruchtensap, groentesap en mineraalwater (thans € 5,70 per 100 liter) en voor limonade (thans € 7,59 per 100 liter) worden vervangen door één tarief van € 8,83 per 100 liter. Ook wordt het laagste tarief van de bieraccijns met dit tarief gelijkgesteld.

European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy

29 April, Brussels – Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to present a new EU Alcohol Strategy to tackle health harm for 2016-2022.

The European Parliament Resolution calls for a new Strategy, emphasising the importance of better labeling of alcoholic drinks including ingredients and nutritional information with special focus on calories, and the need to raise awareness across the EU of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and drink driving.

For more information, please visit the Eurocare website.

Global Beer vs. Wine Trends has created an infographic based on worldwide wine and beer figures ostensibly to determine once and for all which one is better.


Can we enjoy wine and beer, not necessarily at the same time, but both as viable, acceptable and enjoyable options?

The figures provide numerous interesting facts….for example, the Chinese are the biggest beer drinkers in the world and France have just lost their wine consumption title to the USA but the Vatican drinks more wine per person than anywhere. And if you’re trying to look after yourself better then red wine can help prevent sunburn but beer is less calorific than wine, which doesn’t explain beer bellies.

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