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Wine in moderation releases content on wine & diet

Wine in Moderation introduces information on wine and diet in www.wineinmoderation.com website. 
Wine in Moderation has updated the programme’s central website with a new section featuring relevant, science based information on wine and a balanced diet. The new website section will provide consumers with information on calories, drinking units and sugar in wine. This information is already available in six languages and will be continuously updated with more useful tools and infographics.

WIM Infographic

Masters of Wine team up with Wine in Moderation


Press Release – Brussels, 20 April 2016 – The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) joins the Wine in Moderation Programme as a Partner focusing on social responsibility and education.

Less of an initiative and more of an ever-building trend, organic, vegetable cocktails continue their rise

As health and wellness trends continue to pervade all aspects of modern life, spirits brands are keen to show that alcohol and wellbeing need not be unhappy bedfellows in a balanced lifestyle.

Less of an initiative and more of an ever-building trend, organic, vegetable cocktails continue their rise – and consumers seem to like the idea of getting one of their five a day while kicking back with a cocktail. Bartenders too have embraced using the likes of avocados, squashes and beetroot in purees – and as more and more bars look to the kitchen for inspiration, this looks to be a trend set to sate demand for both healthier drinks and inventive serves. ~ Source: The SpiritsBusiness ~

Nederland | Verhoging verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken

Verhoging verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken

De verbruiksbelasting van alcoholvrije dranken wordt verhoogd. De tarieven voor vruchtensap, groentesap en mineraalwater (thans € 5,70 per 100 liter) en voor limonade (thans € 7,59 per 100 liter) worden vervangen door één tarief van € 8,83 per 100 liter. Ook wordt het laagste tarief van de bieraccijns met dit tarief gelijkgesteld.

Does the same wine tastes different when you’re on a plane?

Good wine on sea level, doesn’t necessarily mean that the wine is good wine at altitude level.

According to Delta’s Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson – “Your senses are dulled at altitude, making it difficult to appreciate the complex scents and flavors wine has to offer,” she said. “In addition, the lower atmospheric pressure — versus tasting on land — means those flavor molecules are jetting past your sensory receptors so fast, you miss a lot.”


A good Rum read!


Johnny Drejer tested some 73 ultra premium rums and only found 12 without sugar (no surprise they mostly came from Barbados, Jamaica, Guadeloupe and Martinique). More disturbingly 53 (87%) of the 61 rums with sugar had more than 10g/l a limit rarely exceeded in Cognac. 48 (79%) of the 61 were at or higher than the legal limit for Cognac. Most of these rums carried ‘double digit’ age claims and several claimed over 20 years of aging. In direct contrast to Cognac, the more premium, the more sugar seems to be the trend.

To add pure and sustainable rum of quality to your portfolio, reach out to L’vine Wine & Spirits.

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