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Founded by wine & spirits connoisseur Lizeila Martijn, L’vine Wine & Spirits combines her own expertise with a strategic team of talents to create and build innovative practices and experiences. The company combines her high quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic portfolio with dedicated business and market development actions to service and attract the different markets. Together we translate client’s corporate goals into great ideas that sell. Whether through the media, the industry (on/off trade), or a group of targeted individuals, we work with enthusiasm and a resilient approach to grow and shape your business.

Remix your portfolio – with L’vine Wine & Spirits recommended beverages made of pure and natural ingredients from a set of reliable, transparent and trustworthy producers, and our expertise and experience.

You will uncover a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that communicate phenomenal craftsmanship, style and identity – sourced from the best nature and sustainable agriculture methods have to offer. An exquisite composition balanced by all natural flavours, extracts and infusions in a variety of tastes. Each with their own story and authenticity to be enjoyed every moment of the day.

When it comes to our alcoholic beverages, we communicate on all our actions responsible drinking. After all, it all tastes best when drank responsibly.

Our Portfolio & Expertise

We work to create awesome portfolios that helps our clients and partners develop their business and expand opportunities. We achieve this through passion and with ongoing profession from a dedicated team of industry, creative marketing and business experts.

Alcohol & Alcohol-Free Wine

The L’vine Wine portfolio offers you a range of distinctive finds from some of the most note-worthy producers out there. With the taste characteristic as the focus for the selection of wines, and always with the consumer in mind. 


The L’vine Spirits portfolio covers a small, yet surprising range of distinctive finds from some of the finest outputs from across the world. Pure with no added sugar/flavour enhancers. To be sipped or as basis for great cocktails.

Liqueurs & Crèmes

The L’vine Liqueurs & Crèmes level of quality is so high and also so captivating. Primed as great mixers into cocktails and as delicious drinks on their own – these products take a bold flavor stance with inspiring results.


We set out clear business objectives we work together with our clients and partners to focus on the most relevant touch points, developing the best possible strategic routes.


Passion is one great force that unleashes our creativity. We have a common perceptive that helps us truly connect on each project. We deliver authentic targeted multi-channel approaches through unified marketing and sales efforts.

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